Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Kent & Fraser Gluten Free Cookies, Biscuits and Shortbread

I was sent Kent & Frasers Chocolate Chip Cookies, Lemon Butter Shortbread, and Spicy Ginger Crunch Biscuits to review.

I was eager to try these out, as I have a friend who has to eat a Gluten Free Diet, and also I have a few friends with children who have allergies and are on gluten free, dairy free and egg free diets.
These Kent & Fraser biscuits are available in waitroses "free-from" isle.

Kent & Fraser are setting new and higher standards in the world of ‘free-from’ baked goods in their mission to ensure that everyone from foodies to those with food allergies will be able to enjoy their delicious biscuits, cookies and shortbread.

I will be honest, and even after having read the info on these bicuits i was a bit dubious as to how they would taste, as having tasted myself, and heard from others some free from foods don't live up to the expectations of my taste buds.

Firstly i tried the chocolate chip cookies.
Chocolate Chip Cookies − a delicious mix of butter, muscovado sugar and a very generous smattering of rich, delicious chocolate chips. Contains no eggs, wheat or gluten.
These didn't taste like any other biscuits i've tried before, but they were really really yummy. They were buttery, and sweet, but not overly sweet, and the chocolate chips really complemented the biscuit.

Next i tried the lemon butter shortbread.
Lemon Butter Shortbread − this melt-in-your-mouth crumbly shortbread is a flavour sensation of rich sweetness and sharp lemon. Free from eggs, soya, wheat or gluten.
I am a huge fan of shortbread, and this was no exception. The shortbread was buttery and as advertised literally melts in your mouth. The lemon flavouring is perfect, not too sharp as to take away from the buttery sweet shortbread, but just enough to get your taste buds tingling.

Lastly i tried the spicy ginger crunch biscuits.
Spicy Ginger Crunch – a crunchy combination of sugar and spice and made with real stem ginger. Sweetest of all, these biscuits have no eggs, dairy, soya, wheat or gluten.
These were delicious, very crunchy, and you can really taste the ginger and the spice, and is just sweet enough, Kent & Fraser have definately got the balance of the ginger, sugar and spice just right. This is definately going to be a favourite biscuit this winter, perfect for an after school snack on the cold darks afternoons, or as a yummy pudding.

Kent & Fraser’s founder John Selby, says:
“Traditionally gluten-free food has been focused more on functionality than flavour which is a real trade off. Our aim is to develop deliciously clever gluten-free and wheat free cookies, biscuits and shortbread that are perfect in texture, made from 100% natural produce and most importantly taste fantastic."

These biscuits are available from Waitrose, and retail at around £2.29. Yes it is expensive, but unfortunately free from foods do cost more, as more goes into making them. Are they worth the money...Yes. Especially if you or a family member do have food allergies/intollerances. Perfect for an any time treat, for little ones, for parents and even for the grandparents.

To see the full range, or for more information visit

We give these biscuits a big 5/5, and will be buying them again.
Loren x

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