Sunday, 13 November 2011


Here in the Lorens Little Lovelys household we are HUGE fans of the fantastic range of Schwartz cooking products.We use their simple to use packet mixes, that make a scrumptious meal everytime, aswel as their jars or various herbs and spices.
To name just a few of the products we have used recently are:

-Garlic granules-fantastic for any recipe that requires garlic. 1/4 of a teaspoon is the equivalent to 1 clove of garlic, which is so simple to measure out, far less messy then chopping or pressing fresh garlic, plus Schwartz garlic granules don't start sprouting.

-Medium curry powder-We love curry in our family, once every week or every 2 weeks we have my parents over, and I do a homemade curry, with Schwartz medium curry powder I simply add my chicken, 2 tins of tomatoes, half a teaspoon of garlic granules, a chopped onion, and of course 1 tablespoon of Schwartz medium curry powder and leave to cook. Done in the slow cooker the chicken, beef or lamb becomes so tender, it simply crumbles in your mouth, but if you don't have a slow cooker fear not, it can also be done in a large pan on the hob.

-The fantastic perfect shake range- i've been using garlic italian to make delicious homemade pasta sauce, classic bbq to flavour steak and extra spicy cajun is particulary yummy when doing my spicy chicken pitta breads.

-Flavourful lamb casserole is- just divine, and again I do this in the slow cooker, meaning I can use cheaper cuts of meat, but the end result being fantastic taste and texture.

-Chilli con carne packet mix- Again this is something me or my mom cook every week or every 2 weeks, and is another easy to make yummy, and very filling meal. Chilli is also Eva's favourite food. I often do chilli in the slow cooker aswel(how did i ever live without it), but before i used to cook in a large pan. Simply fry off mince meat, add the meat, an onion, a tin of kidney beans(we add 2 as we love them), 2 tins of tomatoes, a little bit of water and cook. Yummy served with rice and garlic bread.

-Schwartz slow cooker range- which consists of Beef and tomato casserole, Chicken curry, Chicken in red wine and Sausage and bean casserole, all of which are truly delicious, nothing better then walking in from the school run or work to the smell of your tea all ready to be dished up.

-Schwartz mills-We find the Black peppercorns and Sea salt are perfect for flavouring food to taste, both in cooking and at the table.

The Schwartz ranges are so vast that there is something for everyone, from the inexperienced to the professional cook.
Morrisons currently have Schwartz packet mixes on offer, buy 2 for £1.50, so why not head down and get cooking something delicious today.

Loren x

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