Friday, 24 February 2012

The disasterous haircut...

Well, today we went to the barbers to get Daz and Jacks haircut.I came back home and cried for an hour solid....and why??!??! Because this is the haircut Jack came home with.

So not only do we come away with the haircut from hell, we had no apology from the barber that did it, but said barber then tried to blame both me and Jack....Yes thats right, he said the 1 year old that sat like a complete angel and didn't cry or wriggle once, should of sat still, and that I should of held him better. I didn't see him pick up the clippers or i would of told him not to use them, but I didn't realise until the clippers were at jacks head, with no "grade" on, as he was doing what they do with adults to do the very edges. Now at 1 years old Jack has never had clippers used on him, so what does a 1 year old with clippers buzzing and tickling the back of his neck....throws it back. To me it's obvious that would happen.
So I absolutely fuming, and also completely gutted.
My fantastic friend Selina is a hairdresser(note to self, never ever ever let anyone but Selina cut Jack's hair ever again) so we're paying her a visit tomorrow to see if she can limit the damage, but it doesn't look hopeful.
So it'll take a good few weeks before jacks hair grows back, and unfortunately i am wishing those weeks away, as everytime i looked at him this evening i wanted to start crying all over again. :-(

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