Monday, 30 January 2012

Not little for long

Over christmas Eva and Jack have both reached new milestones.

Eva has gone up into the next stage carseat, a high back booster with the normal 3 point car seatbelt.
She absolutely loves sitting in her "big girl's carseat", but to me, it was scary, as my baby is growing up, day by day she gets more and more grown up, turning into such a clever, independant, if somewhat stubborn little girl.

Jack now refuses to go in the pushchair on the school runs, which is fine by me, as I want to encourage walking, as i think exercise is paramount to children, and by walking to and from school everyday both Eva and Jack will be getting that bit more exercise that they wouldn't if we did the school run in the car(we're lucky enough to live close enough to the school to be able to walk). I also think by walking everyday that walking will become such a normal part of our lives, that hopefully we won't get moaning and whinging when we go on longer walks at the weekends/holidays.
The only problem is, after watching his big sister doing it, he now has to walk on EVERY wall on the way there and back, but kids will be kids, and they enjoy it, so I let them, even if it is a little bit naughty(I always have visions of the homeowners coming out and shouting at me).
So although it's lovely that Jack wants to walk everywhere, it is also another step towards being a big boy.

We all know they aren't babies for long, but to watch them grow and blossom is just so overwhelming and fills me with such a sense of pride. Even though Jack has discovered tantrums, but i'll save that story for another day.

I cherish every moment with my children, as it is time that I will never get back, and I want all of us to be able to look back on memories full of fun and laughter.

Loren xx

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