Tuesday, 26 April 2011

My review of close parents new pop in nappy with night time booster

I was lucky enough to be chosen to review Close Parents new Design for a nappy.
I was dubious at first using a pop in nappy for bedtime, as Jack is a really heavy wetter, and until now we had only had success with heavily boosted fitted nappies with wraps.

After prewashing the nappy was finally ready to go on Jack. I put it together, by popping in the soaker with integral booster and then added the night time booster. You don’t need to but I also added a fleece liner on top, as Jack’s such a heavy wetter I liked to make sure I can keep as much moisture as possible away from his little(or chunky)bottom.

At 11 months Jack still wakes very regularly at night, and is a little milk monster, so upon his first waking I checked his baby grow, and it was dry. I then did this every time he woke throughout the night, and each time I was amazed…dry. So when we got up in the morning and he was still dry I was amazed. I took off his babygrow and vest, and felt around the edges of the nappy, and there was no wicking at all, completely dry.

I took the nappy off, and the insides were completely wet, yet none of the moisture had escaped the nappy. As well as being a heavy wetter, jack is also a front sleeping boy…the biggest recipe for disaster in the nappy world, so to have no leaking at the top of the nappy was amazing.

With the testing I was also asked to test the nappy for daytime use, without the night time booster in. Well I was reluctant to do this, as it meant that on the day I used it, I couldn’t use it for bedtime. I had no doubts at all that the nappy would keep him dry in the day. We already have close parent bamboo pop in’s in our nappy stash, so I knew that the nappy would work, and it did not let us down. Jack’s very active, and not only is he walking and running everywhere he how now discovered climbing. Even with all this movement there was no leaks or wicking at all.

With cutting 2 teeth at once, on 2 of the mornings after testing the nappy at night we woke up to very yucky nappies, but everything was contained fantastically inside the nappy and there was no chance of it escaping out of the nappy.

I am still amazed at just how fantastic this nappy is, and it has well and truly exceeded my expectations of it. Jack is chunky, and the nappy fits him, with the aplix on the widest it will go, but I really do think this nappy will last us until potty training, especially as now he’s moving around he is slimming down.

I am now just waiting for the nappy to be available to buy, when I will definitely be buying more, and will be getting rid of some of my not so favourite nappies out of my stash to justify buying more.

Out of 5, I give this nappy 5+ as I just love it.

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