Tuesday, 26 April 2011

My review of phil and teds sport with doubles kit

Phil and teds sport with doubles kit.

I purchased the phil and teds sport with double kit whilst expecting my second baby. Eva was 1 and a half at the time, so I thought I would use the pushchair as a single until the new arrival came along.

The pushchair is such a joy to push, it’s so light, and easy to manoeuvre. Eva loved it, and once in often refused to get out, or could be found sitting in it at home if I hadn’t got round to folding it down.
With multiple seat positions, it was perfect. I found the best way of reclining it when Eva dropped off was to undo the zips that are in the seat unit, which doesn’t lay the pushchair completely flat, just reclines it, enough so that she was comfy, and was really easy to then just zip them back up when she woke up.

When Jack came along we had purchased the cocoon, but he only used it a handful of times as it was may when he was born, and it was so hot, that he would have overheated in it, but the times he did use it he looked so comfy and snug, that I would definitely recommend it for a autumn/winter/spring baby. Instead we put a head hugger into the main seat of the pushchair which was laid completely flat.
With the double seat on top, it kept him nice and sheltered from the weather, even more so when we put the wind shield on, without it being too enclosed. I also loved the fact that I only had to look down and could see him, and check he was ok.
The easiest way for us to get him in and out was to take the doubles seat off, because we weren’t using the cocoon, but with a cocoon you wouldn’t need to, as it slides in and out so easily, without disturbing sleeping babies.
Eva had plenty of room in the double seat(now aged 2) and loved being up high, and also the fact that people would always talk to her first before looking around confused before spotting/or me pointing out where jack was.
Everywhere we’ve been people have always commented on what a fabulous idea the pushchair is, and also how nice it looks at the same time.

When we changed it round, to have the double seat underneath, I had the double seat reclined, using the head hugger I had used whilst Jack was lying flat, to give him that extra bit of support. Jack loved it being in the double seat underneath; as I hung some little dangly toys underneath for him.
With Eva older now, she rarely dropped off, but when she did I still used to recline her back using the zips again, which still left jack with enough room.

When it got to the point that Eva was wanting to walk, and could understand she had to hold my hand and not to run off, I would put jack in the top, with the doubles seat at the bottom, so that when Eva decided she was tired of walking, she could jump into the underneath seat, meaning that when just jack was in it, it was more evenly balanced. Because of having one handle it is so easy to push one handed, whilst holding onto Eva with the other one.

When Jack was newborn I used to hang my changing bag on the handle bar, with the actual bag sitting just underneath where he lay. Then when using it with the doubles seat underneath I used to find it really easy to put it in the basket. I used to put it in with the zip facing up, meaning easy access if I just needed to grab something out (usually a snack for Eva) but I never had any trouble with getting the whole bag in and out with either child in there. Jacks legs were short enough to pull it out, and Eva would just move her legs to the side for me.

Questions I was asked.
  • Oh I wouldn’t like the baby being underneath, not able to see what’s going on.
-     Actually Jack really loved being underneath batting his toys about. And in my opinion it’s only the same as a tandem pushchair where they can see out the sides.

  • I bet its heavy to push.
-     No actually it’s really lovely and light to push. The weight is evenly distributed and I never found it heavier to push then a single pushchair. With the added bonus of it not being a wide side by side double, so you can get it anywhere you can get a single, and not as long as a tandem, which I tried in shops when we were first looking, and they were so heavy and hard to manoeuvre.

  • I bet it’s really big folded, I don’t think it would go in my boot.
-     I’ve got a Citroen Picasso, so size wasn’t an issue to me, but having tried it in other boots, when folded it is quite slim, and with its quick release rear wheels I don’t think you would have a problem getting it into most boots.

 So now Eva walks everywhere I’m back to using it as a single pushchair, a year and a half on and I can honestly say it looks almost as good as the day we got it.
I’m not planning on anymore, so will probably sell it on when Jack wants to walk everywhere, but for know I am definitely not ready to part with this amazing pushchair. We often walk my mom’s dog, and going over grass and rough terrain is not a problem with this pushchair, even with both children in, I have never struggled with pushing it off road, whereas with my stroller I always really struggle, and that’s with just 1 child in.

I would recommend this pushchair and for me it’s a 5/5 rating.

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