Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Baby Massage Experience with My Father: Book review

When i was asked to review "Baby Massage Experience with My Father" i jumped at the chance.

My Personal Experience
When Jack was born, for the first, at least, 6 weeks of his life he cried all day and all night, and didn't or night.
Then Eva started playing up at bedtime(until we cut out her day time nap) so i would have to leave a crying Jack with daddy, while i put Eva, just turning 2, to bed, and because we were getting her into her big girls bed ready for Jack going into the cot, i had to sit with her until she was truly asleep.
My mom bought us some bedtime lotion for Jack, which contained lavender, to help aid with sleep.
So Daz started to get Jack ready for bed while i sorted Eva. He would gently rub the body lotion on Jack, change his nappy, and get him into his pjs. When Jack was about 8 weeks, by the time i got into the living room, he would be asleep in daddy's arms. Before doing this, Daz always used to say how Jack didn't like him, whereas in reality, Jack only ever settled on me, and as soon as being passed on to anyone else would start crying. The difference in them was amazing to see, watching them form an amazing bond.

The Book
The book, even though i'd read the info, wasn't what i was expecting.
Mary Kay appreciates that every journey into parenthood is different, and no baby or parent is the same.
As opposed to a "how to manual", it's a story, high lighting how baby massage can help in all sorts of instances, such as post natal depression, dad's feeling sidelined, and colic in babies amongst other things.

The story is about Mike's journey into parenthood, and how, as a father he felt that there was no support offered to fathers, in the same way it is offered to mothers. After all, it's not just a mother who becomes a parent, but a father too.
He feel's useless, due to lacking confidence, as he's never really been around children.

In my opinion this book is ideal for parents to be to read leading up the birth of their baby/babies. To give them the information about baby massage, and how it can help. It also high lights the fact that sometimes it's all too easy for new dad's to be sidelined. After reading this, i think as a new parent you would be more concious, as a mother to involve the new dad more, and as a father, to get involved more, and to ask if you're not sure you're doing something right.
All in all a good read, and something that covers many topics in one story.

This book is due for release 24th September 2011

Mary Kay
Mary Kay said, “During my experiences as a midwife, health visitor and more recently a baby massage instructor, I often see fathers feeling alone and unsure of their role after the birth of their child. This is often because the bonding between mother and baby is taking place 24/7 when dad is often at work and can’t always be around. I’ve found that fathers who use baby massage experience improved confidence and self-esteem due to the increased involvement with their new-borns. Babies benefit due to more eye-contact, smiling, and vocalising with their daddy. Of course, a father's involvement through baby massage can assist in giving a much needed break to mum which can ease stress on the parents’ relationship too!

Baby Massage
If you are interested in baby massage, ask your local GP or HV and they should be able to give you the information on dates and times of your nearest sessions.

Loren x

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