Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Scuttlebug Review

When I was asked if I would like to review Mookies Scuttlebug I didn't even have to thing before replying "yes".
Having already seen these, and having heard they were good, I couldn't wait to try it out...Ok for Eva and Jack to try it out. I will admit I did try, but nope, these are definately not a toy mommy and daddy can steal.

As soon as our bumble bee scuttlebug arrived Eva and Jack were both eager to test it out. And bless them they are slowly getting there with the whole taking it in turns and sharing thing. With the weather not being brilliant, we got it out in the lounge. The box it came in was really compact, which was good, as i'd been expecting it to be a lot bigger.
The scuttlebugs are so portable and easily fold and unfold with a 3 step system, and once folded are light and take up no room, so really can be taken anywhere.

So did Eva and Jack like it? A resounding yes.
Eva, who can peddle her smart trike, i think loved it as she didn't have to peddle, and could glide around really fast on the wooden floor. Jack was just amazed that he could do it himself. Jack being clumsy (sorry son, you inherited that off mommy) has fallen off a few times, but he falls so gracefully, he doesn't even go "BUMP". For those of you that know Jack, he's not exactly dainty and graceful. And he bounces straight back up and gets back on.
They both find it so easy and "Great fun", as Eva says, to use, scooting and gliding around in pure delight. I am seriously considering purchasing another scuttlebug so they have one each, even though Eva is already 3, she finds it such fun, I really think she would get the use out of it.

We love our scuttlebug, and honestly, if you have a child thats aged 1-3 I would highly recommend getting one of these. They retail at around £25, and are available from amongst many places, Argos and Amazon.

For those starting their christmas shopping, this is a must have on your little one's christmas list.

Loren x

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