Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Ross Beef Burgers-Review and Halloween Recipe

With Halloween coming up, Ross have come up with some ways to make a yummy burger treat into something fun or scary(depending on age of children).

To make the burgers devilishly good, you can make them ooze ketchup blood, cut scary shapes or faces into cheese, add red pepper horns, and swamp plant topping(or lettuce to you and me).

Ross burgers are available from Tesco, Sainsburys and Morrisons, so off i went to Morrisons, and picked up some burgers. The range consists of 4-6 packs of quarter pounders and 8-16 packs of 2oz burgers.

The burgers can be bbq'd grilled or oven cooked. I opted for oven cooking, simply popping into the oven for 20ish minutes, turning the burgers a couple of time to ensure they were cooked through.

When they were cooked I cut some buns in half, and put the burgers on. We then got squares of cheese, and using our small cookie cutter me and Eva cut out 2 heart shaped eyes, and a semi circle smiley mouth in each piece. As Eva and Jack are 1 and 3 I don't think they would of been too impressed with anything "scary" but I'm sure older children would have great fun seeing who could make the scariest, most gruesome burger.
We put lettuce on top of the burger, and put on the cheese. We then added tomato ketchup to make eyeballs, and into the mouth too.
With older children you could make scary devil faces in the cheese, and top with red pepper horns, or cut out scary ghost shapes in the cheese, the possibilites are endless.

Next came the taste test. I will openly admit i wasn't expecting much from these, as other brands of frozen burgers i've tried in the past have been quite greasy and tasteless. Well all it took was one bite to totally change my opinion. These burgers were delicious. Not at all greasy, and really tasty, and the fact that they contain no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives made it even better. I will definately be buying these on a regular basis, as they are yummy, quick and handy to keep in the freezer. Even Eva, who is the fusspot in our family when it comes to food, enjoyed these burgers. I cut Jack's up into bite size pieces and he soon polished his off. They were a huge hit with all the family.

Why not buy some, and get practising some spooooky halloween burger treats.

Loren xx

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