Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Soreen Toastie Loaf-review

As you may remember not so long ago i was sent some yummy soreen products to review(which you can read here). Well Soreen have now released a new toastie loaf. Pre cut and ready to pop into the toaster.

It costs around £1.39, and available in Asda.

If you love your soreen malt loaf toasted, but find it too sticky putting it in and getting it out of the toaster, here if your answer. It has been created especially for toasting, the malt toastie loaf is still packed with deliciously squidgy energy, and the same unique malt loaf taste as the original malt loaf.

I actually love this, and as i'm trying to lose a few pounds it made a yummy breakfast, or lunch and satified my sweet tooth, so i'm not feeling the need to be snacking on sweet things in between meals.
When taking it out the packet, it isn't at all sticky, making it simple to pop into the toaster. Whilst cooking i was wondering, if its not as sticky as original malt loaf, is it going to taste the same. Well i added the butter, and as if by magic i had a yummy toasted, sticky treat.
Jack now, will eat his breakfast cereal, and then a slice of toastie malt loaf, which is his way of giving it a big thumbs up.

Each slice contains just 116 calories and 0.3 per cent saturated fat, making it a low fat, high energy way to start the day, and making it perfect for children and adults alike.

You can top with whatever you wish, from simply butter/marg, or top with jam or honey, or even cream cheese. You really can add whatever you want to make this your perfect breakfast, lunch or snack.

The toastie loaf is available to buy now, in an Asda store near you.

Loren xx

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