Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Unicef and Dulux-Own a colour for £1

Dulux has teamed up with children’s charity UNICEF to give people the chance to ‘own’ a colour for £1.

The paint brand is offering people the opportunity to buy from a selection of 16.7 million colours – the number the average computer, smartphone and tablet can display – in an effort to raise £16.7million.

People who purchase a colour are able to rename it and have it displayed on a dedicated Dulux microsite. All money raised will go directly to the children’s charity UNICEF.

Matt Pullen, UK Marketing Director, from Dulux comments:
“Dulux has a mission of 'adding Colour to People's Lives' and is closely aligned to the vision of Own a Colour, which will harness the power of colour to have a positive impact on saving lives of children.”

Celebrities who already Own A Colour include Jemima Khan (CFC Blue), Duncan Bannatyne (Scottish Saltire Blue) and Sir Roger Moore (Swedish Blue).

To Own A Colour visit:

This is a fantastic and fun way to raisie money for an amazing charity, and by donating just £1, as you can see, it will all add up to a huge amount, that will make such a difference to Unicef, their charity work, and the children they help.

Eva chose a pink, called "Eva's Pretty in Pink" and Jack's colour is a blue, called "Jackopotumus Blue".

Why not have some fun and "own your colour" now, aswel as raising money for charity.

Loren xx

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