Monday, 29 August 2011


We were sent 3 different products from soreen. Soreen Snack fruity malt loaf, Soreen Banana Loaf, and Soreen Apple and Sultana Loaf.

Soreen Snack Fruity Malt Loaf-RRP from 70p
The snack packs, are a handy pack containing two pre-buttered slices, and are available in two flavours that adults and children alike will love; Fruity Five and Original Malt Loaf. We tried the Original Malt Loaf.

This is a really brilliant idea, perfect for lunchboxes, be it for school or work, or just a snack to take with you for all the family when on the go.
The butter didn't seem to be spread out very well, but rubbing to 2 slices together soon solved that problem.
These were brilliant for popping in my handbag or changing bag when we were going out, and i could just grab them on the way out as opposed to having to slice, butter and wrap up an original malt loaf.

Soreen Banana Loaf-RRP from £1.29 for a large loaf
The Banana Fruit Loaf is full of bananas and is bursting with deliciously squidgy energy, and the pale colour from the natural ingredients, means a fruity and lighter tasting alternative to the original malt loaf. For those that don’t like raisins or sultanas, Soreen’s new Banana Loaf is a welcome addition to any kitchen cupboard!  

This is my absolute favourite, i couldn't get enough of it. I was very reluctant to share :-O but i did, and Jack loved it as well. I will definately be putting this on my weekly shopping list.

Soreen Apple and Sultana Loaf-RRP from £1.29 for a large loaf
The fresh and fruity Apple and Sultana loaf is packed full of deliciously squidgy energy and the sweet apple taste is topped off with a delicate hint of cinnamon. Lighter in colour than the original Soreen malt loaf, the Apple and Sultana fruit loaf also provides a mouth-watering base for a bread and butter pudding. For a decadent twist serve with lashings of cream.

I personally don't like cinamon, so I didn't try this, but my Dad did and he said it was really nice. Daz also took some to work and he said that him and his work mates shared it out and they all absolutely loved it, and wanted more.

Fun Recipe
We were also sent a fun recipe to use with the banana loaf, although you could do the same with any of the soreen range.

Mini Banana Castles

x1 Soreen Banana Loaf
x3 Ripe Bananas
x1 tub vanilla ice cream
x1 bar of chocolate for shavings(this is optional)


·         Slice the Soreen Banana loaf into thin slices and toast until golden brown
·         Use a pastry cutter to cut round shapes into the slices to create the bases of the castles
·         Slice the bananas and lay onto each of the toasted slices
·         Scoop some ice cream from the tub and place on top of the banana slices so that it creates a tower
·         Make some shavings of chocolate with a grater and sprinkle on top of each castle
·         Serve - yummy!

And it really is yummy, definately worth a try.
We give all 3 products a huge thumbs up. I will definately be stocking up on the banana loaf and the snack packs, along with the orginal malt loaf.
I definately recommend going out and trying something new today. A yummy snack, and much better for you then chocolate. The loaf's contain less than 1.5 per cent saturated fat, and are a delicious tasting treat for children, and the perfect afternoon snack to stave off cravings or as an energy boost before or after activity, or a hard work out.

Loren xx

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