Monday, 25 July 2011

Fun with Food

After reading (go take a look, another fantastic blog) I decided to make coloured pasta with Eva and Jack, for lunch!!!!

So we got out 2 saucepans, filled them with water, added some food colouring to each,Pink for Eva, Blue for Jack. Whilst i helped Jack stir his, Eva stirred hers. We then added the pasta, another quick mix and put them onto boil.
When the pasta was tender i drained off the water (i put mine to one side, you'll see why) and ran the pasta(in a seive) under the cold tap, to get rid of any excess food colouring, and also it cools it down so it can be eaten straight away. Usually i would add grated cheese, but I needed to do a big shop, so it's a good job my lovelys like plain pasta.
Whilst cooking the pasta i also did some hard boiled eggs.
When the eggs were cooked, i shelled them and then left them to cool down in the coloured water...The colour wasnt as vibrant as the pasta, but it still added some colour. If you crack the egg shell all over and put it in the water with the cracked shell on it gives a really funky effect.

Eva and Jack(and me) really enjoyed eating the pasta, Jack made a mess, but hey, he ate loads and really enjoyed it. Who said you can't make food fun.
Why not do a fun colour day. Choose a colour, or 2. Paint or colour some paper or card, then either cut into triangles to make party bunting, or cut into strips and make paper chains. Then colour your pasta and eggs(i'm going to experiment to see what other foods we can dye),  and choose other coloured foods, Red apples, Green cucumber etc, and make a fun day of it. Why not have a picnic in the garden if its sunny, or even at the park. It can also give you the opportunity to get your children to try new foods they wouldnt usually eat...go round the fruit and veg isle in the supermarket, or go to a local farm shop and ask them to find fruits or vegetables in your chosen colour/s. You could even have a rainbow day, where your possibilites are endless.
My lovelys loved this, and for a fun treat it was great fun. Why not have a go!!!

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