Sunday, 17 July 2011

Rosie's Walk 2011

Rosie's Walk is an annual local event set up in memory of school girl Rosie Ross. You can find out more info on the fantastic cause here or their facebook page!/pages/Rosies-Helping-Hands-Charitable-Trust/50217347347?sk=info

Having done Rosie's walk for the past few years, we weren't going to be put off by the wind and the rain today for the 10th Charity Walk and Festival. But after a hectic morning, Jack sleeping, Eva going shopping with Nanny, unfortuantely we were a bit late to join in with the walk.
We couldn't be kept away though, so headed down to see what fun things were happening at the festival.
We got there and Eva was in her element. First she wanted to go on the big bouncy slide, so that was me and her, slipping and sliding our way up in the rain, first go we slid down next to each other holding hands...resulting in 2 wet bottoms. So my clever little monkey decided it would be better, and dryer to sit on my lap for our next 2 goes.
Then onto the bouncy castle next. Jack and Daddy wandered off for a look around, so when she had finished off went went to go and find them. Had an icecream, mine ended up all in my hair thanks to the wind. As the festival is right next to the park, we wandered over and had half an hour playing there. Then back to the festival, for a go on the win everytime raffle. Jack got a huge inflatable ball, Eva got big bubbles. Then Eva wanted to go on the teacups ride, so being as Daz isn't one for rides, we got on. I did fear she was going to hate it, but she enjoyed in...until the man spun us, it went so fast she went white as a sheet and i thought she was going to be sick. He didnt spin us again and the ride finished soon after.
We had another wander round, looking at the stalls. Watched Jo Leigh School of Dance perform(note to self, must enquire about my little mover starting with them), got a drink, then Daz spotted the Indian Food stall. He was then a man on a mission to buy some samosa's, which i must say were delicious. The DJ was entertaining and played some fantastic music.
A huge well done to the organisers for all their hard work, as despite the weather it was still a fun filled family day out, everyone there to raise money for a fantastic cause.

Here is a list of what was on at the festival:

Onsite activities include:-
Circus Skills have a go at juggling, spinning plates, etc , 9 Hole Crazy Golf , Robo Challenge as seen at Gadget show Live , Glitter tatooists and face painters, Craft Activities for all ages, Nail art , Fun Fair

Refreshments including Rosie's Tea Tent, ice creams, snacks and burgers.

Entertainment on the stage:
Zumba with Lyndsay at 11.45am
Singer Natasha Blundell at 1.50 and 2.55pm
Jo Leigh School of Dance at 1.30 and 2.10pm
Leighswood Buskers - at 2.35pm for those that missed the on the walk
Walsall Band Bad Rabble from 3.15pm
DJ Stu Rhodes with music & competitions all day.

3 Crowns Garden Centre, Custard Confectionary - sweets, Ardor & Abode - homeware gifts and accessories , Lady Muck - plants, Bead Creative - bead jewellery ideal for your hols, Children's World of Books, Handmade cards and childrens Novelties

Anyone wanting to donate there are a number of way to do so, all of which are detailed here:

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