Monday, 25 July 2011

Matey Bubble Bath, Now that takes me back

We were shopping in Morrison’s last week, buying some shower gel, and Eva spots and picks up Matey bubble bath "please can I have this mommy". How could I say no, she asked to nicely, and I used to LOVE Matey as a child. It was the Mer-Matey one that had caught Eva’s eye.
Didn't take long after we got home for her to be asking for a bath, i took the lid of, and mmmm the smell was just divine. Eva helped me pour the bubble bath in, which immediately started foaming. Eva was so excited at how many bubbles there were.
After a temperature check I put both Eva and Jack into the bath. They both love bubbly baths, so the three of us sat for ages getting bubbles on our hands and blowing them.
Then Eva got the jug and some cups that we use for washing hair etc and started making me drinks.
Eva: "Mommy do you want a cup of squash"
Me: "Oh yes please"
Eva: "I’ll make sure it’s very bubbly for you"

At this point I was gobsmacked that we still had a bath full of bubbles. With other bubble baths we have used until now, a few blows of the bubbles, then a few pours of drinks and the bubbles have gone. With Matey the bubbles were still in full swing as the plug was pulled out and the water drained away. But hey Matey has been about since 1958, so they really have perfected the perfect bubble bath.

I've even been using it in my baths now, as there is nothing nicer at the weekend, then getting my lovely's in bed, and having a nice hot bubble bath with a good book.

I will definitely be recommending Matey, and how easy to drop into conversation "remember Matey bubble bath from when we were kids...Well we've been using it and it’s fantastic, so bubbly, and a true blast from the past"

Taken from
“Matey is specially developed for kids so the formulations are gentle and kind to sensitive skin, they even have added moisturisers from Seaweed in them to leave your child’s skin feeling cared for. Matey formulations are also pH balanced and have been tested by dermatologists.”
“Matey is made for children aged 1 year and above. If the product is accidentally splashed in the eyes amidst all the fun, don't worry just rinse thoroughly with cool, clean water.”

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