Sunday, 17 July 2011

McCain Mexican Wedges:LTD Edition

When shopping in morrison's last week we got to the frozen section, over to the wedges, picked up some Lightly spiced McCain wedges, and then looked and spotted the Mexican Wedges.
Me and Daz thought they looked nice, so picked some up. We are already big fan's of McCain Frozen food(We do lots of home made, cooked from scratch meals, but that's not always practical with busy lifestyles)So I had an inkling they were going to be yummy.
A few day's later i was off out for tea at my Mom's with Eva and Jack, Daz rang me as he was leaving work to cook him some food. Thought Oh I know what I can cook him, Chicken and Wedges. The first ones i pulled out were the McCains Mexican Wedges:LTD Edition.

What they are:
"Our new limited edition Mexican Wedges are made from specially selected potatoes and seasoned with a palate tingling Mexican wave of flavour.  Perfect for sharing with your family and amigos, they are ideal for parties or for just relaxing with a good movie."

First thing i noticed after putting them in the oven was the smell. It was mouthwatering. Not a word i use often, but this smell was delicious.
Daz got home and i plated them up, pinching one as soon as they were straight out the oven.
I have never tasted anything like these before, I could not get over the taste sensation, my tastebuds were having a party. Ok the straight out the oven temperature was far to hot, but did i learn my lesson and wait until they cooled down(remember these were Daz's wedges)? No, of course not, I just needed another...and another, and another.
Now i am completely addicted, Please McCain, you can not bring these into my life, as a limited edition product. What on earth will i do when they are no longer available to buy. I will have to stock up my freezer!
As you will see this is my first food review, but as soon as i tasted these wedges i knew i had to write about them. They are quite hot, but you can taste such a variety of spices and flavours, they really are amazing.
I would strongly encourage you to go out and buy some as soon as you can, you will not be disappointed.
Both myself and Daz would give these a 5/5 and I have already been recommending them to anyone and everyone.
Well done McCain on another outstanding product.

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