Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sunday summary

This week weve had picnic in the park, lots of paddling pool fun, buying new settees and baking.

The park/woods/fields are free and little lovelys really do enjoy it, more so then a day out having lots of money spent/wasted on them.
We went to the park with Eva's friend from playgroup and her Mommy. We all took a picnic(Mandy brings cake every time, which is sooooooooooooooo yummy, i can't wait for my next fix), and started off on the play area, which was lovely as it was only us there. Then had some food, another little play and we then went for a play on the big field. Jack had a run around, playing tig, then was so shattered he sat in his Graco Symbio pushchair and looked so chilled out watching us run around like nutters. I'm not sure who had more fun, Me and Mandy, or Eva and Tabbi. We played tig, football, horsey rides, piggy back races, bunny hops, being horses, the list goes on. The kids had a couple of little arguments, but were over them before we even had chance to say anything to them, and it was just lovely. The time ran away with us.
I really would recommend taking the kids out, forget being a grown up, act like a kid, have fun, who cares who's watching, children aren't children for long, so make the most of it. I have vowed to do it once a week, as it really benefitted Me, Eva and Jack. No technology, no toys, back to basics playing, which we do lose sight of how much fun it really is.

We've done baking, cakes and biscuits. Eva loved doing the biscuits the best, as she loves rolling out the dough and using the cutters to make shapes. And of course we had to decorate them with icing, sugar stars and pink glitter(edible of course). I let Eva do the weighing the ingrediants(with a bit of help from mommy) the mixing, the getting stuck in with her hands, rolling, and cutting. I do have to bite my tongue as it comes so naturally to say "no Eva, don't do that" or "no this is what you need to do". Really who cares if they don't look or taste perfect. As long as it's fun that really is all that matters. Let them do their thing, they are learning, working out what they think works best. And when she had finished decorating them(some with faaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr to many decorations no, others nearly bare) Eva was so so proud giving one to Mommy, Daddy and Jack. The mess is definately worth it, just for that priceless look on a little face :-D So next time your baking, take a back seat, let them do their thing, i promise you, it really will be worth it for "that look".

With the weather being warm, we've been making the most of our £2.50 paddling pool i had to rush out and buy on thursday. Jack won't get in, but loves splashing with his hands...and throwing everything he can find it was Eva's sandles, as well as the dogs toys. Eva made me put the slide into it, which i was so jealous that i cant actually fit down the slide, as i used to love doing this as a kid. She's had a whale of a time, fingers crossed we get more of the good weather, so we can have more paddling pool fun.

Saturday we went to look at settee's, ready for moving into our new house, which is starting to look more homely, and closer to being finished. Ended up buying them. They were the ones i had seen online, but instead of the standard 3 and 2, we've ordered a FOUR!!!!!(i still need to measure it will fit) seater, and a mega comfy huge(fits 2 people) swivel chair. I can't wait to snuggle up on their to watch a soppy film, or read a good book.

So thats been our week. Here's to another fun filled week ahead...(the 6 week holidays have never meant anything to me before, with my little lovelys not being at school yet, but Eva starts nursery in september, and i keep forgetting. She will love it, i'm dreading it, I can't imagine not spending everyday watching her grow, exploring new things together...I will be so jealous of her teachers getting to see this while i'm not there)
Loren x

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