Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Handprint Crowns/Head dresses

What you need:
Newspaper or a waterproof tablecloth to cover your table or floor.
Card: You can buy this from arty and crafty shops, or as we chose to do this last minute, we improvised with cereal boxes.
Paint: Yellow or gold(or any colour you like) for the main crown
         Different colours for finger print jewels
Decorations: Feathers, Stick of jewels, Tissue Paper
Sticky tape to tape it together.

Paint a thick straight line horizontally across your card in yellow or gold. Then add hand prints all the way along, to make the spikes of the crown.
Next add finger print jewels where ever you wish.
Once dried cut around the hand prints to make your crown shape. You can then add your other decorations. We used feathers.

Then tape the ends together to fit childs(or adults) head, and hey presto.

A fun yet simple activity. Jack joined in and just sat painting his card, but Eva really enjoyed doing the hand and finger prints and then sticking on the feathers. She wore her crown with such pride afterwards, and we all played princes and princesses for the rest of the afternoon.

Hope you enjoy it :-D
Loren xx

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