Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Bathroom lights on a sensor...

Ok, you might well be thinking what on earth is she on about, but this is something that has caused me sleepless nights.
As some of you know, we are currently completely renovating a house with the help of my fantastic mom and dad, ready for us to live in.
So when dealing with the electrician, who happens to be a friend of my dads, he said about having the bathroom lights on a sensor, so as you walk in the light comes on. After mentioning it to me, i told both my mom and dad i just wanted a good old pull string bathroom light.
So anyway a few weeks later....the wiring is all set and the sensor kit thing ordered and delivered...WHAT!!!!
Daz thinks its a fantastic idea, so do my mom and dad. Me, nope, can't see even one good point about it.
Not really sure if its got a sensor to only come on at certain levels of darkness, but what if you walk in in the day, and it comes on, waste of electric. You leave the bathroom and its still on, again waste of electric. In the winter, put the kids to bed, O i no i'll have a nice hot bath with a good book...get in the bath, lying there, just getting to a good bit in my book, and out goes the light, so i then have to get up and try and get into the sensor area to get it back on.
Usually if i go to the loo in the middle of the night, i don't turn the lights on, because if i do put the light on, it really wakes me up, finding it hard to get back to sleep, so i leave it off, have a wee half asleep, and stumble back to bed, straight back to sleep.
So i was thinking, is there any way this could be useful to me...would if be useful if i had broke both arms and couldn't turn the light on myself? No, because i would need someone with my too help me with my trousers etc, so they could just turn the light on for me.
Really, what is wrong with a normal pullstring light? I walk in the bathroom, and it's dark, so i pull the cord, light comes on, i do what i've got to do, then pull the light off and walk out.
Am i stuck in the dark ages here? Do you all think having sensors is a good or bad idea?
Loren x

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  1. Well it sure aint a bad thing to have sensors in the bathroom. But yeah its a waste in the daylight