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Bic Soleil Razors-Review

BIC Soleil® - Just Live

After using a reusable razor since i started shaving(a few different ones may i add) i was asked to review the new BIC Soleil range, which are disposables.
Well can i start by saying why on earth have i been using reusable razors all this time?!?!?
I'm going to do a few comparisons:
My current razor - £6.42 for 4 new blades.
Bic Soleil - Miss Soleil - £2.70 for 4 razors               
                 Soleil Bella - £4.99 for 3 razors
                 Soeil Lady - £2.99 for 4 razors
                 Soleil Scent - £2.99 for 4 razors
So I've been paying more, for less??? With BIC i get a complete new razor every time, whereas with my previous razors i was only getting the heads!!!!

So not only am i getting more, it's more hygienic. I'm not alone in the fact that as time goes on, with reusable razors, the handle, starts to get a bit grubby with soap build up, sat for months on wet windowsills/shelves etc.

So maybe they aren't as good as my reusable razor?...Nope they are fantastic, if anything i would say better, my legs felt sooo smooth after using the scent razor, and it smells divine(lavender). I have now tried each one(Miss Soleil, Soleil Bella and Soleil Lady) to find out which my favourite is...I love them all, how can i have a favourite.

When i used to think of disposable razors i thought of the boring little plastic ones, but BIC Soleil have completely changed that. The Soleil range is sleek and stylish, as well as being vibrant and colourful. There is something for everyone. You will be proud to have a Soleil razor in your bathroom.
I also love that they have a plastic cover that fits over the blade. Having young children(1 and 3) this just gives me that extra peace of mind, that if by some chance my razor fell into the bath while they were in it, or they got hold of it(they are always kept out of reach, but you can never be too careful) they wouldn't get cut if they picked it up.

 The Soleil Range

Miss Soleil® - fits perfectly with your active summer lifestyle!
For ladies who want the perfect work/life balance and know that beauty should be as stress free as possible, Miss Soleil® is the ideal solution. The non-slip grip and pivoting handle make it the perfect razor for an active lifestyle. From shopping with friends to heading off to hear your favourite bands at your nearest festival, Miss Soleil® will ensure you’ll look great when you’re dancing, even if it’s in a muddy

Soleil® BellaTM – you’ll be ready for anything!
For summer evenings spent catching a film with friends or for a girl’s night out sipping a cocktail or two in town, the Soleil® BellaTM will ensure you’ll be looking and feeling your best. With its pivoting head and moisturising coconut Milk, the only difficult decision you’ll have to make is deciding where to go!  

BIC Soleil® Lady – leaves you looking great

The BIC Soleil® Lady offers a silky shave and leaves you with flawless pins. Its bright and sunny citrus colours make it perfect for popping in your beach bag so you’ll be ready for impromptu activities.  Soothing Aloe Vera and nourishing Vitamin E is great for sensitive skin so there’ll be no reason not to show off your legs in your favourite summer frock! 




BIC Soleil® Scent – leaves you feeling recharged
The BIC Soleil® Scent leaves you feeling re-energised and ready to take on that new challenge. Whether you’re planning an exciting trip away or simply heading off for a game of netball with your friends, you’ll be left feeling recharged and ready to experience new hobbies whatever they may be.





Emma Willis is fronting the BIC Soleil campaign and she said

“I’m thrilled to represent such a well-known brand. BIC® Soleil®‘s range of brightly coloured, stylish razors look great in my bathroom! By using my BIC® Soleil® shaver I can spend less time on my beauty regime and more time enjoying the summer!”


Shave your way to a more colourful life with BIC Soleil shavers. For more information about the BIC Soleil range, please visit http://www.facebook.com/BICSoleilJustLive.


Give them a try, i bet you will be very pleasantly surprised. Loren xx

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  1. Nice review. I also use bic razors. They are the best.